this whole process stuff…

‘trust the process’ has been something
i have been telling myself for about
a million years now.

i don’t know exactly when that thought latched on inside of me,
but once it did, it only made its way deeper inside me.

this morning, as one more piece of my health puzzle fell into place,
i smiled.
i don’t think anything has been such a big example for me of trusting
the process as my journey into getting healthier.

i know that if i had started out with all that i’m doing now,
i never would have stayed with it. it would have been too much.
but as it is, each new little piece seemed to arrive at a time
where i could actually work it into my life with joy.

i keep wondering when that will stop.
but it seems like there’s always a new thing to add –
a new way to look at it all,
a new leveling up that excites me.

the beauty of it is that i haven’t gone looking for any of it.
all the pieces have come and found me.

but that is the heart of the whole thought, isn’t it?!

trust the process –
and know that you are being led –
you just have to listen.

hard to remember.
hard to do.
and ohhh so good when it actually happens!