they just handed it to me!

i got a chance to hang out with the trees yesterday.

i didn’t go to them looking for answers.
i just went to relax and unwind a bit.

but i tell ya what,
they were insistent on telling me something.
it was so darn clear and gently loud,
i just couldn’t miss it.


yep. that’s what they told me.

it wasn’t just them either.
it was the whole earth.
the rocks, the stream,
the ground itself.

it all just told me the same thing.


it’s a great word.

i never ever thought of myself as a patient person.
the first time someone told me they admired my
patience, my gears jammed.

i had no idea i had any.

apparently, it depends on what part of life
i’m focusing on. in some parts i totally have it.
and some parts i totally don’t.

lately, i have to admit – it’s been scarce.

i honestly felt like the whole earth was helping me out here,
without me even looking for the help.
like it kinda knew – ‘she needs us right now.’
and equally cool – i actually heard it.
loud and clear.

to practice what was handed to me.

there is my challenge.
i’m on it!