there she goes again…

i can’t help it you guys,
i’m really getting to the point where i want
to just stand on the roof and shout –

and yes,
i want to shout it at myself too!

i’ve been watching.
and i see my weaker places.
where i tend to talk more than i listen.
where the feelings of another go by me
because i was too quick to reply to something
that really wasn’t the point.

i’ve gotten frustrated with myself as i see
myself doin’ it again and again.
it’s like a bad habit.
i guess it IS a bad habit!
but i’m pleased that i’m paying attention
and getting a little bit better.

but jeesh it’s hard.

i think we gotta start with letting go of some of our views.
we don’t have to have a view on everything.
or – maybe we can have a view,
but we don’t have to say it out loud at every moment.
maybe we can just hear what the other person is saying
and respond to that.

i’m thinking responding to what someone is saying
RARELY calls for anyone to share their view.
and when it does, maybe blend it in and ask what the
other person thinks.

if you find yourself sharing your view and leaving it there –
without any follow up on what the other person feels or
thinks – you’re not listening.

there are obvious things that come to mind –
especially now in the political atmosphere –
and maybe that’s a good big place to start.
maybe the bigger the place, the easier it is.
it’s more obvious and easier to catch.

but it’s the tiny little moments i’m talking about.
when you just don’t hear someone’s feelings that
they’re sharing cause you have a view that you need
to lay at their feet.

now, more than ever, i wish we’d stop doin’ that
and just walk freely together learning how to listen.