the preciousness of each other

it was a really short drive.
hardly anything at all.
but still, a great thought surrounded me
in my car and filled my mind and heart.

it was about how precious we are to each other.
and how hard that is to keep in mind sometimes
or to just plain show. and yet, how important
it is to say as often as we can.

walking into my house filled with this thought,
i listened to a phone message from someone i find
very precious. there’s a lot going on in his life
right now and he was giving me an update.

i called him back concerned as he didn’t sound
good, letting the precious thought slip from my mind.
i was kinda living it, but not really thinking it.
if that makes any sense.

at one point i was so filled with appreciation for
him, i just told him flat out that i liked him so much.
and when i heard myself say it, i remembered the
preciousness thought. ah! good stuff. let people know.

and more – it’s more than just letting people know –

keep it in the top of your mind.
hold it in your thoughts.
it’s a form of gratitude.
and while that will help everyone around you,
it will change your entire life.

i’m sure of it.
just as i know i’ll drop this gem over and over again.
but as long as i keep picking it up and holding it,
i’m doing okay.