the healing began

“feeling dirty, ashamed and damaged,
she hid her story.
not knowing that the woman next to her also hid hers.
and the next woman, and the next.
finally someone whispered the truth.
and their eyes met,
and their tears came,
their heads nodded softly,
and their arms reached out.
holding each other gently, telling their stories,
the healing began.”

i was filling an order yesterday
and stopped to read this print.

it felt important to me.
we forget that ALL of us have been through so many different things.
and we are not alone by any means.

i say it a lot,
but i mean it with all my heart –
our experiences may be different,
but our emotions are the same.

you are not alone.
and talking to someone about the stuff
that you never talk about – it matters.
it wasn’t your fault.
it’s not your shame –
and carrying it does you no good.

you are beautiful.
yep, even with those scars.
you are beautiful.
and valuable.

you matter.

just sayin’.