the haunting

sometimes things that would naturally
bother a person come up.
but sometimes the reactions to those things
are out of proportion.


for me, over and over, i can see it’s
what i’m coming to call ‘the haunting.’
the stuff that’s so deep inside you it drives
more things than you’d like to believe,
and haunts us more than we even realize.

one of my goals is to become more aware of this happening…
and then to respond to myself with compassion.

this is taking a lot of work.
there’s a lot of desire to focus on the upper level stuff,
and not the deeper stuff.

i’m assuming the distraction is much easier for me,
and my inner self knows that and leans in to the distraction.

that’s only not helpful, i think it’s destructive to life around you,
and certainly stifles any of the growth you would achieve by
looking deeper.

sooooooooo more stuff to keep in mind.
and i just keep at it…..
but that’s okay, cause my gosh…….it’s good stuff to be workin’ on!

the haunting