the fabric of her dancing shoes

the fabric of her dancing shoes

i have been filling some orders
that have this book included in them.

that’s always a tickle.

so i thought i would spread it over here
just in case someone didn’t realize i had books!

we can’t have that.
want everyone to know!

i have been having trouble writing lately.
i believe it’s the covid block.
but with this last pit fall of mine,
and then my getting out of that pit –
i have been feeling really good.

i think i have been fighting it all since it started –
covid and everything it has brought about.
just upset all around.

i finally let that go.
and i think i really may have done so.

because i feel so much lighter,
and i want to write again!

thought this was a way to celebrate that feeling coming back –

shouting out about my books
and nudging you to check them out
if you don’t know about them!
you can find them all here.