the cornerstone or something…

the main building block –
the supreme concrete slab –
the cornerstone –

whatever the heck you call the big strong thing
that your foundation rests on…
or that IS your foundation…

more and more i am convinced,
for me,
it’s the idea of ‘seeing clearly.’
seeing OURSELVES clearly.

it’s an idea i read about last year
and have fallen deeper and deeper in love with
as time has gone by.
(here’s a podcast i made when i first read about it!)

i don’t think we can ever really do it 100%.
but, wow, i think we can all do it so much more
than we do!

over and over lately as i sort thru things,
this comes up as totally important.
i wanted to put it out there once again
and remind us all to keep asking ourselves –
am i seeing clearly?