the beauty of november, gratitude and thanksgiving…

i gotta say –
here in maryland,
november is one heck of an
awesome month.

it’s absolutely beautiful.

it’s kinda amazing to me that my brain
can get programmed and have beliefs
without anything to back them up!

my thoughts on november as being a not so pretty month
is one of them. where the heck did i get that from?!

(and how the heck many other beliefs do i have that
are just as completely incorrect?!)

each year lately, i seem to be surprised at the depth
of beauty outside. and as i sit and look out my window,
it feels so right that this is the month that carries
thanksgiving inside itself.

as i get older, thanksgiving reveals more and more layers
and more and more depth. kinda nice i’m really noticing the
month and the holiday all at the same time.

i want to start gearing into thanksgiving.
which feels like perfect timing as i’m having a pre-thanksgiving
dinner tonite with some friends.

i think i’d like to take the next week and just concentrate on
gratitude and maybe make some gratitude offerings to be passed around.

i know there are so many that are in hard places right now.
it feels like a delicate dance to focus on the gratitude and
hold the sorrow of so many i love all at once.

i want to do that tho.
i want to gently offer tiny pieces of the beauty we’ve been given
along with a softness to wrap any suffering in.

life is no easy journey.
and yet, it’s depths of beauty can overwhelm the heart.

i think i really want to spend the next week wandering in all that.

care to join me?



‘the challenge of living’

“to allow the sorrow and weight of life
and yet to dance with an easy and open heart.
to ache in your darkest depths
and yet to laugh from your light filled center.
to know the reality of humanity
and yet to believe in the magic of the stars.
to act with love in the middle of the fear
and to hold each moment as the gift that it is.
this is the challenge of living.”