that time of year

well it seems it hit ‘that time of year’
with a total bang over here.

there is so much going on that my head
is spinning in circles.

good and happy things, celebration after
celebration, and sad and hard things.

in sitting down after hours of running around,
i looked out the window.

a rainy gray day.

‘don’t miss it, terri.’ the whole outside
said to me at once.

‘don’t miss it.’

i haven’t been able to take a walk this week.
been having back issues. i did try one morning,
but it didn’t feel so good, so i’ve been waiting.
i’m sure i’ll be back to it next week.

but in the meantime, there’s very little outdoors
time around here. going outside consists of going
to the car, or getting the mail.

and when that happens i miss things.
i miss the things that matter.

i miss the perspective of the sky
and the wisdom of the trees.

don’t want to miss that.

so for now, i’m thinking a tea break
by the window with the trees is a good idea.

don’t want the rush of a beautiful season
make me lose the whole point of the season
in the first place…