talk about deep trust…

someone shared this quote
on facebook this morning.
and i am not kidding –
it gave me goosebumps.

“Let me fall if I must fall.
The one I will become will catch me.”
– The Baal Shem Tov

when i saw it,
i just stopped.
i let it sink in.
and the goosebumps came.

this is about as deep a trust in oneself
as you can get, i think.

i want this.
i really really want this.
i don’t have it.
i see that a lot of my fears would be gone,
if i could just remember this trust and hold it.

and it makes me think i want to add this to
the visual i am holding of who i want to be
when i’m an old, old, old woman.

i have a friend who was in really poor health.
she had some rough diagnosis that she worked her
way out of. and when i asked her how she did it,
she told me that she pictured who she wanted to be,
and just kept working towards her.

i have been doin’ that with my physical self lately.
i have a picture of how i want to be physically when
i’m an old(er) woman. i’ve been working towards her
the last few months.

and i just realized this morning,
that i need to add this kinda stuff to the visual.
i totally wanna add this.

i thought it was so important, i would share it here.

we really can trust ourselves.
when the heck we gonna get the hang of that?!
let’s do it!