taking charge and being who you want to be!

sometimes a lot happens at once.
alotta changes happen at once or alotta things
out of your control come whizzing around or life
just seems to be dancing to a different tune. or
your insides just decide it’s time for you to
face a few things.
or all of the above.

or all of the above.


but there comes a moment when you just gotta
holler “ENOUGH!’ and grab what you can and at
least get control of a tiny bit of it all.

i started by cooking and cleaning.
two things that always make me feel like i
can get a grip. throw in a good cry, and i began
to feel like myself again.

and slowly….ever so slowly…i can feel myself
getting back in tune.

it’s when i finally got my furnace to actually work
(nothing too technical here, just a lotta patience)
that i lifted my coffee cup in the air and toasted
a real turn in the right direction.

and it feels good.
baby, it feels good.

i’m writing this post for anyone who’s feeling like
it will never turn back to any kinda good groove.
cause i woulda wanted to read this when i was in that
exact spot – that it certainly will turn back.

it certainly will.

that it’s one heck of a cycle.
and it will circle around again.
and yeah, it’ll keep makin’ the rounds to the other
stuff as well. back and forth and around and around.

just like these beautiful seasons of ours.
some intense harsh days.
some incredibly beautiful soft days.

over and over.
around and around.
and that in itself is a gift.

it’s remembering that when the cycle isn’t in the
pleasant part that’s hard. and it’s reminders
that can help keep us goin’.

sending out a reminder, and a hand squeeze.