surrounded and filled

okay, undecided where to start here.
so think i’ll be vague to begin with…

my imaginary friends –
if you follow this blog at all,
you know i have them.

parts of myself that i’ve personified?
yeah, maybe.
without really intentionally doing that.
they’ve just kinda shown up with a life/mind of their own.

i call on them when i need help.
i visit with them when i’m feeling really good.
they randomly show up on their own.

this morning i called on them for help.
and my gosh,
everything i needed was right there –
realism (snort! yeah, i just said that)
fun and laughter,

they’re all of that and more.

and beyond anything they ‘said’ to me,
i think the huge thing i got was seeing that i absolutely
had all that inside of me if i only ask and look.

the excitement of this shift i’m feeling
(see post below)
is also holding some rattling motion.
i am feeling a bit rattled.
i’m okay with it.
understand that’s part of the growth.
but it sure was nice to get some company who
understood me this morning!

where do you go when you’re feeling lost?
when you feel like all your beliefs won’t really guide you
at the moment?
when you know you have exploring to do,
but haven’t a clue how to get started?

“INSIDE!” they all holler in delight!
go inside and travel there.
once you see that everything you need is inside of you,
maybe you’ll be free enough to really let go your grasp
on everything you don’t need…

forward on.