i was showing two of my sons the new ‘bits’
that came in recently. they’re the little set of
cards i’ll be offering that have a single word
on each little one. you toss them in a bowl
and grab one or two when you need a little guidance.

they knew i was working on them, and will
be putting them up on the site for me soon,
so i was showing them.

as they browsed thru them they came to the
word ‘surrender.’ and BOTH of them reacted.
both were surprised that word was in there.

(other words in there are things like  –
gratitude, allow, release, tenderness, trust…
that kinda thing.)

i was surprised they were surprised.

and then the conversation began on what
surrender meant to each of us.

i told them of a time i surrendered.
and how it was then that there was space for my life to shift.

they saw it as a giving up in a bad way.

is it a guy thing??
i really wonder?
or just really varied from individual to individual?

it made me curious.
and it made me think of the whole opening and listening
thing i keep goin’ on and on about.

how do we possibly have conversations with each
other when our words can mean such different things?
we think we’re communicating,
but how many times is the meaning getting changed
thru the interpretation of words?

lots, i’m thinking.

it’s actually kinda tiring to think about.
but seems so very important.

and like a great thought to carry into the weekend…
let’s remember that we’re not all thinking/hearing/
interpreting in the same way and let’s try really hard
to work with that as best we can.

(and let’s take lots naps and eat really good snacks
in between all that!)

want to?