such fun!

is she not just delightful?!

don’t you just smile looking at her?!

i love this bell lady!
she’s in my garden right now,
but she circulates.
she’ll be back in my house pretty soon.

i don’t personally know, cathy, the artist who made her –
i just know her thru purchases on etsy.
but i love her!

yes, i’m already shopping for christmas!
i kinda stretch out the purchases as much as i can.
so i’ve been looking around for a bit.
and i keep coming back to this shop!

i swear, cathy’s work ALWAYS makes me smile.
and when i opened my order this morning, i just clapped!

actually, now that i think about it,
i think i actually ASKED for my bell lady for a christmas gift from my family! that’s how i got my lady.
so don’t forget that option if you love this stuff as much as i do!

it’s a tough time to be an artist.
i guess it’s just a tough time all around.
the more we can support each other,
the better off we all are, ya know?
and then! if we can support an artist that brings joy
to the world?! well, my gosh, it’s a double whammy!

you can find cathy’s work here.

cathy! toasting you and your offerings today!
so glad you’re out there!