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- be gentle with myself today.
showing myself compassion instead of anger.

-remind myself that my feelings are valid
even if people tell me differently.

-learn from my mistakes.
and understand that it's okay to make them.

-walk away from situations that are unhealthy,
knowing that doing so gives me power.

-listen to my heart - not to outside pressures.

-remember that voice inside me that knows what's best for me
and treat that voice just like i'd treat my best friend.

-don't do things that belittle, degrade or take away from
who i am or from anyone else.

-trust the importance of each small act.
and fill them with who i want to be.

- be wary of those with all the answers,
use caution around the smooth talkers.

-hold responsibility for my own actions,
but let go of the responsibility for the actions of others.
those are not mine to hold.

stay away from the confusion of trying to make
everything right for everyone else, and make things right
for my healthy self. the rest will follow naturally.

-watch my body and learn to respect it -
holding it with awe for all it can do
from its cylces to its ability to heal,
to its everyday movements.

-understand that the happiness i am looking for
begins inside of me.

-ask for help when i need it.

-know that i matter, i count and i am worthy.

—Terri St. Cloud


this matters a ton to me. it was born out of watching a young girl who didn't see her value. i felt helpless and frustrated watching her take a turn down a dark road. i wanted to shout out to young girls everywhere — and gosh, to the whole world — 'take care of yourself, value yourself, and live a life that affirms that!' this is my attempt to shout.

i pondered if it should be a small print that someone could tuck away, and while i was tempted to go that route....the large size felt more like a shout. and in a world too full of secrets and silence, i felt the shouting size mattered.

it is with deep sincerity i offer these words. may we all learn to value ourselves.

Quote © Terri St. Cloud, 2013, Image © Bone Sigh Arts All rights reserved

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