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it is with great joy that i offer you these tee shirts! finding something affordable that was made in america/union made, and didn't advertise in an offensive/degrading manner was harder than you would imagine! (don't just assume if it's made in america, it's a good thing!) i just about gave up.....and then i found these! and another small business is doing the printing for us! as far as i can tell, it's totally a winning combination here!~

these shirts were born from the frustration and sadness i felt when watching a young woman not see her worth. they're my way of shouting out to the world - to girls, young women, women of any age, men.....all of us......that we do matter, and honoring ourselves is so important.

it's my hope that we'll buy them for our daughters, nieces, friends' daughters, our friends, and for ourselves and we'll let the message sink into our bones...honor yourself. it matters.

the tee shirt cut is a regular tee-shirt cut. not womens/girls cut. the idea was that it would be the easiest cut to know exactly what size you'd need.

  • made in america/union made
  • 5.8 Oz. high quality heavy weight fabric
  • 100% pre-shrunk cotton
  • limited stock available

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