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with a bone sigh on each of the 4x4 sides, bone sigh cubes add heart and soul to any desk, shelf or table. nice and sturdy, these will delight for years to come!

our star themed cube offers bone sighs to remind you of the stars inside you and all around you!

quotes include:

go to the cave
and lay your worries down,
sit outside
while the cave
holds them for you.
with empty hands,
gaze at the stars
and know
they are you.

the universe opened
and covered her
with stars.

she laced up
her dancing shoes every day,
opening her heart as she did so.
stepping into the all,
she kicked up her feet,
touched the stars,
and danced with life.

the stars in the nite
shone above her.
the stars deep within
shone inside her.
melding and lighting
the darkness,
the holiness danced within.

now the stars
weren't just running thru
her veins,
they were adorning her wings
as well.
and it was in their light
that she learned
how to fly.

she had rainbow hair -
soft, glittery, shiny, iridescent
rainbow hair.
and veins full of flowing stars.
she had light and she was love
and when she forgot,
she sat in the sun
and let the beam dance with all
her colors.
the rhythm, the beat, the ruckus,
always reminded her again.

“These cubes have truly become my very favorite things! I have fallen in love with them. Having six inspiring bone sighs and your beautiful art all in one place is such a gift to me. I keep both the reminder cube and the stars cube close to me as I sit and work and I love being able to touch them and turn them often. It makes me so happy, seeing all the colors and reading the words that speak to me most in the moment. They are magical beyond anything I could have imagined. Thank you!...Aimee ”

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