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for friends everywhere...

- a collection of poems -

ever have a cup of tea with a friend when the tears start rollin'? ah, yes....i think those are the best kind! it was one of those moments that inspired this book.

after that cup of tea, i came home so filled with the desire to help my friend see her own beauty...i decided to gather some bone sighs together that i thought might do that.

ya see, bone sighs are about as much a part of me as you get and when i really want to reach out, i don't know what else to do but offer part of me. sometimes i feel totally silly about it and question the whole thing. and then another part of me steps in and reminds me that if i can't genuinely offer part of myself then i'm not living the life that i want. at this point, i see the wisdom in that thought, feel scared anyway, close my eyes real tight...and leap!

what we have here is a product of one of those leaps.

i'm thinking that there's a lot of us out there that have trouble seeing our own beauty, let alone holding that beauty and dancing with it!

this book is offered with the hope that it might help someone on their journey to that dance.... the dance of a lifetime!

Paperback - Poetry
84 pages

Image Copyright © Bone Sigh Arts - All Rights Reserved.

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