made of light (framed print and card set)
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made of light (framed print and card set)


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you are made of light.
with stars inside of you.
hold the glory of who you are -
and embrace the awareness of you.
concentrate there.
the rest will take care of itself.

—Terri St. Cloud


there are so many times life just gets scary.
it could be an unexpected illness,
it could be losing someone we love,
or maybe starting all over and facing a brand new life we aren't quite sure about...
it could be a thousand different things
that bring us to our knees.
it is for those times that this
framed print and card are offered.
i wanted to create something really special for someone
who was in a place where they needed some reminding of the stars inside of them.
i wanted to offer something someone could hang in a special place where they could
see it and read it, and maybe find some peace.
with that in mind,
we offer you this framed print and 4x5½ gift card

card's inside quote: concentrating on the light right along with you

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Quote © Terri St. Cloud, 2015, Image © Bone Sigh Arts All rights reserved
Made of Light Card

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