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This set of 50 watercolor cards are designed specifically to be a daily dose of hope and inspiration. Toss them in a bowl on your coffee table, tuck them in your wallet to grab when needed, place on a stand near your desk, these little guys can go anywhere you need!

Each card is designed with a different watercolor and quote. Some of the quotes included are listed below. On the back side you'll see our logo with 'Bone Sigh Arts' and the name 'hope cards' printed on a green watercolor background.

The cards are made from thick paper stock with a silky laminate finish, which gives them a soft feel in your hands. They are sized at 2¾×1¼"

We tuck the cards into a nest of USA made crinkle cut shreds that are the color of sand with gold strands mixed in, and rest that inside a 100% recycled USA made Kraft gift box. Then we tie it up with USA made recycled paper raffia ribbon, put our special stamp on the bottom, and top it all off with a 'hope card' tag!

It is with delight that we offer this set to you!

Sampling of quotes :

“'she didn't just survive - she became.”
“it was time to let go of her fear and embrace her strength.”
“the only way is thru your heart.”
“and the universe listened...”
“what she lost wasn't healthy - what she gained was.”
“your inner voice is the voice of the soul. follow it”
“it's a river you must dare to ride...”
“release - ”
“magic showed up again and again. she learned to look for it, recognize it, and delight in it.”

Image Copyright © Bone Sigh Arts - All Rights Reserved.

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