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an offering for those lost in dark places
— a collection of poems —
someone very precious recently took her own life.
it's such a big deal.
and it hit so hard.
and it happens all the time.

when i sit back and try to hold all of this, i just can't. i was trying to sort my way thru some of the sadness one day when i became overwhelmed with the feeling that i wanted to offer something in her honor.

but what?

i started thinking about some of the things she went thru and how she didn't know that she was of value... and i thought of other people, still here, who are struggling in their own darkness not understanding their value. i so wanted to reach out and touch those people.

i don't know if any of these quotes could actually help someone who's in the darkness.

what i do know is that i have to try. when i think of this young woman, i know that i have got to try. it is in her honor...in her memory that i offer this book.

if it's dark right now reach for a candle.

it matters.

88 pages, paperback, poetry

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