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for those who believe in love...

- a collection of poems -

there was a time in my life that i wasn't even sure if i believed in love anymore. i knew i loved my i knew it existed.... but i doubted about that other love stuff. it all seemed like needs and not love...and i wondered hard about the whole say i was disillusioned was to put it mildly.

another valentine's day was approaching and a shop owner asked me if i would put a small book together with love poems.

love poems? you gotta be kidding me! scratching my head and thinking "well...there was that bone sigh i wrote about my friend....and there was that bone sigh i wrote for my cousin getting married....and well... let me look...."

imagine my surprise when i figured out i had written lots of bone sighs about love! there were so many bone sighs written for the love i had for different friends in my life, there were bone sighs written about my kids... ohmygosh... there was love all around me!

i compiled them into a small, handmade book...and called it "after all."

the title came from a bone sigh i wrote after seeing all the love in my life...

"turns out she believed in love after all..."

seems that when i would write, i would use the pronoun "she" to kinda give me a little distance from it all. to kind of protect myself. for the book, i changed the pronoun "she" to "i." and when i had to write that quote out with the word "i"....well, my heart trembled. i couldn't believe how much i hesitated. at last, i wrote it out. i committed to it. yeah, i really did believe in love after all. still a little scared of it all (okay, A LOT scared of it all)...but definitely a believer.

that was a few years back, and we've now grown into offering "after all" here in a printed version. more quotes have been added as time has gone by and more love has crept into my life. yeah, even the version that i really had lost hope in...the "falling in love" version. how cool is that?!

we offer this book to all people who believe in love...every kind there is.

Paperback - Poetry
96 pages

Image Copyright © Bone Sigh Arts - All Rights Reserved.

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