stepping in

last night i finished reading
the most helpful book
that i have ever read.

the odd thing about it is that the author
is a controversial figure.

in fact, the last (and only time) i mentioned
him here, an angry customer wrote me that
she was done with me.

he apparently hits nerves.

here’s the thing – if you’re familiar with him in a negative way,
if he’s hit a nerve for you, or you think he’s terrible –
consider reading this book.

i believe it will change your mind.

the book? ’12 rules for life.’
the author? jordan peterson.

one of my sons had read the book months and months before me.
it had a powerful impact on him.
the book is really popular with young men.
(which after reading it, thrills me.)
and while i’ve listened to his lectures and knew of him,
i just hadn’t really thought of reading the book.
i think it was after i watched a documentary on him that i decided
to get the book myself and check it out.

the timing was perfect.
absolutely perfect.

i was reeling from a tragedy that happened in our community.
i was trying to figure out how to stand in the world.
and i opened his book and read the first chapter – the first rule –
‘stand up straight with your shoulders back.’

‘Standing up means voluntarily accepting the burden of being.
Your nervous system responds in an entirely different manner
when you face the demands of life voluntarily.’

one of the rules in the book is ‘tell the truth – or at least don’t lie.’
and it’s that rule that has brought me to blog about the book.
he’s so controversial, that the easy (smart?) thing to do would be
not to even mention it. but the truth is – this book, for me, has been
THE most helpful book i have ever read in terms of sharpening my focus,
taking responsibility for every part of myself, and for working
harder on critical thinking.

i WANT to talk about the gold nuggets i have found!
i WANT to share my excitement about the thoughts!
and that needs to be okay in my own blog.

so. this is the start.

i highly recommend it for anyone who is feeling a little lost.
he does go all over the place as he goes along in the book.
he says that a whole lot happened to him as he was writing the book.
and i can feel it. it starts out more ‘fun’ and gets heavier and more
frustrated in parts. but i liked that too. i felt like i was traveling his mind.
and every step of the way he was encouraging me to just think a little
harder, and strive a little more. you may not agree with everything he says,
but i would think it would be hard not to want to put some of these
rules to use.

if you’re interested, you can find it here.