standing in the gratitude

that grip on sanity is a mighty fragile thing these days…

but i’ve been keeping it.
keeping the sanity.
keepin’ my eye on the exercise, nutrition and what i’m feeding my brain.
and that’s been working.

i could feel it tho.
the little nudge of insanity.
right there at my elbow.
it was creeping up on me.

certain things seem to be fertile ground for it to grow in.

i’m seeing that now.

and a few of those things were happening.

so i’m right on top of it today.
doing the things i need to for my head to stay in the game.

thing is, i don’t have gratitude on that list of things to do!

can you just believe it?!

i mean, i’m always tryin’ to work on gratitude.
but that should be on the list right up there next to
‘drink more water.’

(excuse me, i gotta go fill my glass…)
(okay….sipping again…)

i put it on the list.
cause gratitude is a magic potion.
it changes everything.

and i’m concentratin’ on that today.

and…yep….haven’t felt the insanity tug since.