so not a victim

i’m not sure i’m going to be able to share
the video i saw…
if i can, i certainly will.
but maybe i just need to describe it.

it’s a quick 38 second vid made with a friend’s phone.

this friend of mine is one of my heroes.
and inspirations.

because he’s totally not a victim.

and if anyone has an excuse to be a victim,
he does.

i’ve posted about him before,
but wanted to do so again today,
because i was so darn moved from that short
little video he made.

it’s of him playing ‘amazing grace’ on the dulcimer.
‘one handed, backwards and upside down.’

why? because he had a stroke a few years back.
he lost the use of one of his hands.

a musician right down to his bones,
he just hasn’t let that stop him.
as if that’s not inspiring enough,
there have been more hurdles –
one of which is his fight with cancer right now.

i’m not sure if it’s chemo day for him today,
so i didn’t want to bug him about sharing the vid.
(altho he did give me permission!)

the stroke isn’t the story he walks around with.
the cancer isn’t the story.
it’s his love for music that he carries everywhere.
THAT is where he operates from.
well, that place and a deep center of faith.
combine those two and you get some mighty inspiring tunes.

and that is just one of the reasons that he takes my breath away.
and one of the ways in which he reminds me to keep on goin’
and growin’ and doin’ what i love.
and any time i get near that victim mentality, he comes to mind.
reminding me always that the resources inside ourselves go deep.

if i can, i will post the vid here later.
if not, just imagine the most beautiful amazing grace
that you have ever heard.

talk about the perfect song.
thanks, les.

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