she reminds me…

i had one of those stories that only she
would understand. which is why she came to mind
when it happened, and why i called her today to
tell her about it.

i just wanted to share a weird story with her.

she took it and used it as a reminder for me.
she affirmed who i was and as the conversation
continued, she offered such peace and trust and
more – she offered such belief in me.

to have someone just love who you are and believe in you,
and be gentle with you when you didn’t even know
you needed that…when you weren’t even looking for it –
well, what a gift that is.

she reminds me – it’s a journey.
and we just keep traveling.
she reminds me not to get hung up on where it’s going,
but to just keep traveling as who i want to be.
she reminds me we all have our paths,
and to just let each other be.
she reminds me that we’re all okay.
she reminds me that i’m not ‘normal’ and that’s
why she loves me.
she reminds me how important nurturing love is.
she reminds me of what i want to offer others.

and somehow, she makes it all seem so very calm
and so very right.

i look back at my journey with her.
we just found each other one day.
bumped into each other and knew we were connected.
and honored that by getting to know each other more.

another reminder mixed in there –
you never know who you will bump into along the way.
stay open.
and grow.

she reminds me of all these things…