sharin’ josh

it’s my oldest son’s
birthday weekend!

at this point, he’s about as old as i am.
the numbers are getting crazy.

but….we’re not gonna think about those.

i just want to celebrate that guy.
he’s pretty darn amazing.

and without even knowing it,
he handed me the perfect thing to share.
i saw this on facebook,
gave it a listen and thought it was so good.
woulda shared it here anyway.
so how is that for timing?

this is one of the things he does for the elderly
in lockdown – his nightly podcast. that’s why the
breathing thing at the end. he ends each one with
deep breathing.

it’s not long,
and it’s one heck of a good reminder for all of us.
go give josh a listen.
and toast that guy and his birthday!

the world is lucky to have him!