september days…

september has arrived
in the most beautiful fashion.

we’ve had a lotta rain,
and a lotta lotta lotta humidity.
and whatever else is mixed into it all –
it seems to be the perfect combination
to have birthed a beautiful month.

i took the long way,
the back way,
to the grocery store down the road today.
i wanted the scenery.

my gosh,
it only egged me on for more.
there WILL be many drives and hikes,
as it’s just too darn beautiful to miss!

as i drove,
i could feel this wonderful, unexpected
sense of relief kinda just washing over me.

it has been oppressively humid,
and at first i thought maybe that was just it –
just relief that it was so beautiful today.

but i think it’s more.

the changes all around outside,
felt like such wonderful reminders that change itself
can be a wonderful thing!

something i often forget.

and that when things seem heavy and when it seems
hard to breathe, there is indeed, always an end to that,
and changes do happen.

it has been quite a year.
for all of us.
and for me, the really wonderful parts
have been a lot of outdoor time.
garden stuff.
and i know that’s coming to a close.

but i’m making plans for things i want to do outside
when i can, thru the colder months.
and i’m looking forward to what that all brings.

usually i want to slow everything down,
or speed everything up,
end something,
start something,
i fight time.
i’m afraid there’s not enough time.

any and all of that.

but today –
this beautiful september day,
i’m just here,
content with where here is right now,
and okay with traveling along with it
as it moves on down the road.

no need to control,
or any of that.

today is telling me so clearly to just trust and be.

and for this one moment,
i am feeling like i can.

gosh, that feels good.