seeing clearly

it was probably about a year ago
that i first read the thought that seeing
clearly was self love.

that idea still kinda stops me in my tracks.

and since then, i have come to believe in the idea that seeing clearly
matters even beyond the self love –
it is one of the top three keys to truly living – if not the very top one.

every conversation i have had since this idea has entered my brain has backed this up.

there hasn’t been one exception.

so, now, when i feel at a loss for what to offer here today,
when i want to just kinda sit the entire world in the corner and tell every single person how they should think and what it is that matters and on and on and on…
the words ‘see clearly’ whisper to me.

the world will keep spinning and the world will keep hurting each other in millions of ways. i cannot stop it.

all i can do is plop down here and whisper ‘see clearly.’
whisper it to me.
whisper it to you.

see yourself clearly.
see your actions, words, thoughts.
see others clearly.
their actions, words, thoughts.

there is no way to even begin to do this until we stop talking
and start listening.
and then question ourselves over and over again as to what it is
that we don’t want to see?
and then go look there.

i believe that in our broken world, we must start mending ourselves.
and the only way to do this is to see clearly.