seein’ how it works…

i did some awesome dream work
this weekend. i haven’t done
that kinda thing in too long
and it felt so good i really
want to keep it up!

something that came up for me
got reinforced this morning.

i’ll try to nutshell a long story –
a memory came up for me in which
i definitely thought i was the weaker party
and acted that way, letting myself be bullied
into something i now have to forgive myself for.

the memory just came ‘out of nowhere’ and i started
out seeing the compassion i needed to offer myself –
which i hadn’t yet, all these years later.

but it led me somewhere else too.
it was to see how powerful i was and yet,
i had no idea.
and to see how weak the other person was,
and yet i felt they were stronger (more in the right?) than me.

as i thought about all this,
i could hear a voice inside me –
‘you must see clearly to hold your power.’

oh man. yes.
ever since i started out on my own,
i knew i had to work on my clarity of seeing.
i knew that.
and here, all this time later, i’m getting reminded again.

then this morning, a friend wrote.
she had been worried about bothering me.
and i couldn’t believe it when i read what she wrote.
and i thought ‘oh my gosh, she really doesn’t see the beauty
of what she’s offered. i need to help her see clearly.’

and then i smiled.
and then my smile grew.

it always always always helps me to see how it works on
someone else and then flip it on myself.

i still have a lot of work to do in this seeing stuff!
but i feel like i’ve been shown a little more of the way
these past couple of days…and i’m all excited about that!

wanted to share!
are YOU seeing clearly?!