see the gift.

oh terri.
the universe is gonna make you
put your money where your mouth is, girl.

driving today.
a memory pops into my head.
i’m astonished.
i had never really seen it clearly before.
it leads to another astonishing ‘seeing’
of another past moment that i also never
quite saw before.

which all leads to this incredible moment of understanding.
and seeing something as a gift for the first time ever.

as i walked into the building,
pulling the door open into the wind,
i thought ‘SEE THE GIFT.’
don’t find it.
SEE it.

maybe find it and then see it.
cause you can’t see it without finding it.

but see it.

within two hours i was struggling with something that
i find very very very difficult.

driving again.


wanting to hide and just have the world go away.

and i heard a voice.

‘SEE the gift.’

shaking my head at the universe.

sometimes i feel like it likes to teach me until i really
get the lesson sunk into my bones.

see the gift in the struggles.
because it’s there.
and we need to see everything.
not just the struggle part.

i know.
i’m not so good at it.
but i’m workin’ on it.