rules 3 and 4

you didn’t think i forgot, did you?
back to the rules!
(if you have no idea what i’m talking
about, check the earlier blogs.)

so, okay, rule three is pretty darn straightforward –

‘make friends with people who want the best for you.’

that’s so straightforward, i thought i’d include the next
rule here as well. though, i do want to pause and let that
sink in. we don’t always do that. and perhaps we need to
ask ourselves why!

okay…the next one – number four –

‘compare yourself to who you were yesterday,
not to who someone else is today.’

so helpful!
that’s enough right there, isn’t it?

but you know i gotta add a few lines just to give
you some of the gold i’ve been enjoying.

he begins with talking about the internal critic.
‘No matter how good you are at something, or how you rank
your accomplishments, there is someone out there who makes
you look incompetent.’
‘Talking yourself into irrelevance is not a profound critique of Being.
It’s a cheap trick of the rational mind.’

and then! oh gosh, there’s so much here, i don’t even know how to begin –
he talks about how things change when you change your beliefs –

“And the direction of your sight changes. You see past the limitations that
hemmed you in, unknowingly. New possibilities of your life emerge, and
you work toward their realization…’

‘… and then ‘better’ means to aim at the Improvement of Being, with a
capital “I and a capital “B.”

and he goes on to talk about faith and describes what that means –
“Faith is not the childish belief in magic. That is ignorance or even
willful blindness. It is instead the realization that the tragic irrationalites
of life must be counterbalanced by an equally irrational commitment to the essential goodness of Being. It is simultaneously the will to dare set your sights at the unachieveable, and to sacrifice everything, including your life.
you realize that you have, literally, nothing better to do.”

“Attend to the day, but aim at the highest good.”

and that’s just a tiny bit of the gold i found with these rules.
this was absolutely perfect for me today.
once again, thanking dr. peterson.

’12 rules for life’ by jordan peterson