you guys…..i musta mentioned the weekly email here?
maybe more than once?!
this is what happens when you lose part of your brain
and you’re too attention deficit to look things up –

so bear with my scattered self….

the weekly email has morphed into weekly exclusive
deals for the subscribers on that list.
it’s kinda fun for me,
i feel like we’ve got a secret clubhouse and i get
to whisper and grin.

they go out on thursdays and this week’s just went out.

i don’t want to just post the newsletter here like
i generally do as the whole point of being exclusive
is you need to be on the list!

they’re brief, include a deal, and then some odds and ends.

so if you have any desire to be on this list,
you can sign up here.

come on into the clubhouse and we’ll play some games!