i am absolutely on board with
finding your power,
taking control of your life,
and creating the best world you
possibly can.

i think we have a ton of power.
and i think we forget.
and reminders help.
and we can do so much more than we do.

on days like today tho,
i am reminded that AT THE SAME TIME –
we are ultimately powerless.

i’m in maryland.
hurricane dorian is way far away from me,
and yet, she is completely affecting my weather here.

i keep looking up and trying to imagine just how big that storm is.
it boggles my mind.
not to even mention the whole star/galaxy thing that happens
when i look up at night. and then when josh tries to explain it to me,
my gears just jam.

yeah, we’re a whole lot more powerless than we like to remember.
and! we’re a whole lot more powerful than we like to remember.
we’re funny little ducks.

to learn the balance of it all..
well, i think i need about 17 more lifetimes.
but for today, i am just standing in awe of it all and feeling the breeze.