our power lies
in the music we create.

there’s a thought, huh?

i honestly believe we are so darn powerful.
and i honestly believe we live lifetimes before
we even realize that we have much of any power.

then when we figure out we’ve got it,
it’s been so long –
we’re not only unsure of what to do with it –
i think way way down deep,
we’re even unsure if we want it.
let alone if we want to USE it!

tho, of course, we would say we do.

for me,
the digging in and finding it –
the very muscle it takes to get TO that power –
well, it can be daunting.

not when times are easy.
oh then it’s as easy as the times are.

but as things get harder,
it takes more and more muscle to find that power.

so yeah, there’s gotta be one of those really cool
life ratios goin’ on there. ‘direct proportions’ and all that stuff.

sometimes i don’t like it.
and sometimes i really do.

those times when it’s hard,
and you’re about ready to just cave in and figure
you might as well just give up on whatever it is –

and then…
when you least expect it,
you remember your power.
and you not only remember it,
you know you can reach it.
you know you can reach it and actually wield it.
and you know that by doing that,
you can make differences that you want to make.

THOSE are the moments of gold.

and you don’t get those without the moments of despair.

how totally funky crazy is this life that we’re living?!

i’m thinking it’s too easy to forget
that the hard makes the good that much gooder.
yep, i just said gooder.
but it does tho, doesn’t it?!

an easy life isn’t a gift.
it’s the ability to make music even through the hard stuff –
or maybe WITH the hard stuff –

that’s the gift.

and we can only do that by accessing our inner power.

so it’s a gift we have to work for.

i like that a lot.

just sayin’.