possibly due to spring?!

i feel like i’m in such a growth spurt!
is this a spring thang?!

i look outside and i want to do everything
all at once!
and yet, at the same time –
i have books that i MUST read!
they are books on figuring myself out.

i just got fromm’s book ‘the forgotten language’ –
and my fingers are burning to pick it up!
but there are things to tend to.

the growth popping up outta the earth outside
is matching the feeling of what’s goin’ on with
me inside!

it’s a combination of wanting to scream out as loud
as i possibly can that ‘I WANT TO UNDERSTAND BETTER!’
and not taking the time to scream because i’m too busy
trying to actually understand a little bit.

and it almost feels like the earth is doing that –
only instead of screaming out about understanding,
it’s screaming out about HOPE.
and yet it’s so busy growing hope,
that it can’t take time to shout.
yet, shouting can’t help but happen because it’s all
part of the growth explosion!

all which strikes me as awesome cool.