positive nightmares

so maybe nightmares really are our friends?
whattya think?

i know the tendency is to say no way!
i’m thinking they really might be.

or at least…helpful messages from our inner wisdom.

i woke up two days in a row from nightmares.

not pleasant.

but when i thought about what they were telling me,
i was truly amazed at how helpful they seemed to be.

how they were tugging at me and saying –
‘terri! terri! don’t miss this thought!’

i paid attention.
and have been thinking about them ever since.
and definitely paying attention to what they offered.

i really do think the entire package of ourselves works together.
i just do.
mine certainly seems to.
and i absolutely love that belief.
because it turns nightmares into my friends.

i haven’t got to the point where i welcome nightmares in.
or wake up delighted that i have had one.

but! i am amazed at the messages i got,
that i perhaps would have ignored in other ways.

which also leads me to believe that maybe if i pay more attention
in all areas, my nightmares might quiet themselves right down
as they won’t have as much work to do.

who knows.
worth striving for tho.
and wanted to offer this to anyone else who might have been having
a little stretch of their own nightmares.