Others' Sighs

Seems like...

Seems like he had been here before

He looked around a bit, yep, he knew just where he was

He surveyed his path and knew what to do, knew what he should do, he paused

Seems like he had felt this before

The uncertainty of loneliness as it played with his mind and feelings... damn it!

The learning from yet another journey, but this time older for the wear

Seems like he had wondered this before

Would she feel him the way he felt her, would she remember one day the way he does

Her smile, her kiss, the touch of her hand, the scent of her body

Seems like he had cried like this before

The tears of pain, the tears of missing her, mixed with knowing it was right

Being torn to go back, to stop the climb, to compromise, he paused again

Seems like he has been here before

He studied the uphill climb, he began the journey, one foot in front of the other

This time he didn't pause, nothing stopped him, not even her

Seems like I have been here before...


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