Others' Sighs

A journey called life


Tears like so many rain drops that glisten when the sun shines through them

They are pure there are no lies here true emotion has no pretense

It does not falter it comes from a place known only to the owner

Where passion speaks louder than any words ever could

Where our hopes and fears and dreams reside within

A realm where logic has no place there is only a chance to know thy true self

Beyond the barriers we erect to protect our gloriously beating hearts

The mind fidgets looking for reason when the heart simply understands simply knows

Trusting something so irrational takes almost more courage than we can muster

Having faith when faith is something so foreign to our being

To leap headlong knowing there will be no safety net to catch you

So walk with me here for a time and let me share with you the wonders I've known

I can only offer my hand to steady you on this journey called life


By Janine Panna

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