Others' Sighs

Today I Drove With The Sun In My Face
by art

Today I drove with the sun in my face

It felt wonderfully warm as I left her place

To know that she was gone, and that I had been man enough

Man enough to see what she needed, not what I wanted.

Today I watched as the miles clicked by

Knowing that each moment took her further from me

But in its own way brought me closer to her

Because she is becoming more her and I solidified more of what makes me, me.

The thoughts of her and who and me and who

Knowing what was and that which lay deep within

Knowing that the distance and people could never

Never dilute what was, what was a special thing

Each moment changing things forever

Knowing that I had put her first, not me

Watching the digits fly by, trying to summon the words

Trying to collect my thoughts and control the sadness

Today I drove with the sun in my face.

The last morning that I saw Patti and left not knowing what would be.
The sun in my face as I drove into uncertainty.

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