Others' Sighs

Spread Love, not hate
try and create
a life full of beauty and dreams
not get stuck in the in- betweens

Life is to short for hate
that only our minds create
from an emotional disposition
but, its our decision

Don’t play games
or live a life of shame
listen to those you love
even if push comes to shove

There is so much thats worthwhile
if we could only smile
not take each other for granite
somehow just manage

Love those who are dear
keep them near
don’t brush them to the side
b/c of how you feel inside

Most emotions are blown out of proportion
leading your mind to chaos and distortion
keeping you from really seeing
thats their is something worth believing

How does it come to this
people lost in the abyss
not taking care of themselves
so many people left to dwell

Learn from others mistakes
instead of choosing the same fate
we are all in control of our lives
Everything applies

Don’t get lost in the mists
stuck in the abyss
realize whats around you
and remain true

You never know what may happen
don’t let life be a distraction
Tomorrow you might not be here


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