plenty to do

i was driving today,
and breathing deep.

on purpose.
the breathing, not the driving.
well….no….both, really.
i mean, i was driving on purpose,
but i’m talking about the breathing.

i have noticed that my ability to deep breath
has improved. and i’m thinking it’s because
of some of the exercises i have been doing.
and i’m tickled!

i’m starting to really wonder how many of the
problems we have can be fixed with stretching,
breathing, exercising, and stress reduction!

tons of them!
just tons!

and then! as if that’s not enough to keep me busy –
toss in the working on my thinking!
i have been totally fascinated with the difference
between critical thinking and emotional thinking –
and wanting so much to up my game in the critical
thinking department!

i have been watching joe rogan and edward snowden
in an interview the last few days. (the one they just did
this week.) joe’s interviews are long,
so it usually takes me awhile to get thru them.
at an hour and a half in, i am completely hooked!
i am so taken with snowden’s thinking!
he’s not a warm and fuzzy kinda guy, but my gosh,
his brain is a thing to behold.

i’m watching him take thoughts to the bigger picture,
and to actually (and i find this amazing) be optimistic
and positive! i always have mixed feelings about joe,
but really enjoy the in-depth talking that he does with
his guests.

so, between breathing, exercising, stretching, destressing,
rethinking my thinking, and trying to eat healthy, i’m
finding life very full! and so darn interesting.

it’s so easy to be lazy and closed to anything and everything.
it’s so much harder to truly be awake.
and when i try, i just love it.