passing silhouettes…

it was dark when i walked this morning.
i decided to turn onto the street that had sidewalks,
and as i did so, i saw two silhouettes
standing there just a little way down the sidewalk.

passing and saying hello
and mentioning that it was freaky to see them standing there,
the dad told me they were waiting for the bus.

it was a father and daughter.
a quick passing of hellos and that was it.
it was enough tho.

i liked the sound of the dad’s voice.
gentle and refined and really caring about
his daughter.

as i turned up another street,
i heard the bus come and pick her up.
walking back by where they had been standing,
i looked at the empty sidewalk.

they’re gone.
just like that.

where would they go today?
she school, him work.
who would they touch?
in my head i said he was a doctor.
but now that i think of that, i doubt it.
don’t think he’d live in my neighborhood!

i thought of all the people they’d speak with,
all the people they’d interact with.
and wouldn’t think again about our passing in the dark.
how i’d go on with my own stuff and just keep going.

all this led me to thinking about everyone in our lives.
the ones who hang around longer and you get to know,
the ones you get to love,
the ones you don’t think you’ll ever be able to live without.
how all of them pass you on the sidewalk –
or you pass them.
how maybe we linger longer.
or walk together for a bit.
but how sooner or later we all just keep going and moving on with our stuff.

i thought of my partner inside just gettin’ started with work.
how glad i was that he was here with me now.

coming in, kicking off my shoes and coat,
i grabbed some water and went and sat down next to his desk.
we chatted.
i stayed a bit longer than ¬†usual –
appreciating the little piece of sidewalk we were sharing.