part two

turns out there’s a part two
after yesterday’s blog.
you gotta read that one
to follow this one.

so. i have heard over and over to just allow your emotions
and to understand that they are separate from you.
intellectually i get that.
and i have played with that and felt it.
and when i have, it’s been powerful in the sense that
it seems to create a space for peace to come in.

but i’m thinking this darn visual of the well from yesterday
is bringing this all to a whole new level for me.

since living is never dull, i ended up with some completely
different powerful emotions last night. and they did what
powerful emotions do, they flooded all thru me.

but this time the well was fresh in my mind.
and i realized there was something important there for me.
and with the flood of emotions, it was the perfect time to go see.

and so i did some more visualizations.
and i saw that the well was where the emotions were coming from.
and it felt like a sacred place inside of me. (inside all of us)
and i just stood there (from a bit of a distance)
and i just watched.
they flowed up and out of the well and through me.

it was so easy to see that they weren’t me.
they just came through me.
and it was so easy to not only allow them to flow,
but to see that they were part of something much bigger than me,
and they were a gift.
even the really really hard emotions.
even those.

i know this is nuts.
and i have no way of talking about it where it doesn’t sound nuts.
i find that frustrating.
i want to be able to say all this in a way it makes sense to anyone –
and i just don’t know how.
but i’m hoping it will make sense to someone besides me.

what happened here was i didn’t lose me in the emotional wave
that went through! i didn’t lose me! and! i understood it was a
gift that i was given to even feel them. in a whole different way
than intellectually.

i FELT it.
i KNEW it.
i SAW it.

that’s so big.

and here’s the thing –
i don’t think anyone’s gonna figure this out from reading about my well.
you gotta go find your own.
but i think we all can.
i think the digging and the searching and the allowing and the trusting
really really really does pay off.
and i want to encourage you if you’re doin’ that kinda stuff.
i feel like i’ve just struck gold,
and yet at the same time, i feel like i’ve only just begun.
there’s so much more gold to find.

i am such a mix of wowed, awed, humbled, excited, and full of such
a deep profound sense of honor for all that we are.

here’s to the wells inside all of us
and the gift of emotions that flows thru us!