over and over again…

they come so quickly.
they’re everywhere lately.
feels like more than ever.
i can drown in ’em.

so i’m thinking that’s it’s really important
right now for me not to add to the din.

and that’s work.
and awareness.
and more work.

i was talkin’ to someone this morning and i found myself
wanting to shake my head at their attitude.

and yes, a judgment was forming in my little ol’ noggin.

and then i stopped myself and thought of his upbringing
and what his life has been like and i had that thought
that changes everything –

the ol’ ‘there but for the grace of god go i’ –

that line really does change a lot for me.
puts a lot in perspective.
and makes me shut up and listen.
and think.

i’m kinda wishin’ the whole world would shut up and listen
and think right now.

and chant ‘there but for the grace of god go i.’

thought it might be a nice thought to bring into the weekend.
i’ll definitely be carrying it with me.
and trying hard to remember it when i’m most distracted.