outside outside outside

i had the absolute pleasure
of spending several hours outside first thing this morning.

i watched the day wake up.

yesterday, when the world was creeping too close
and crowding out my heart,
i hopped in my car and took a drive.
i drove where there were just trees and sky.
i rolled down my windows
and breathed it all in.

i cannot get over how going outside
is so darn healing.
however i do it –
walks, biking, driving, raking leaves,
mowing the lawn, gardening…

none of that is healing if i don’t look for it tho.
i can’t just land out there and feel centered.

i have to just stop with all the darn thoughts.
i have to open my heart.
i have to go looking for help.

so, maybe if i did that inside, i would feel the same healing?
that absolutely sounds right.


there is something about being outside for me
that just reminds me that i’m a ‘child of the universe.’
that there is more than i know.
and that there is a wisdom that is so beyond me.

maybe it’s just easier with all those huge reminders
out there – like the vastness of the sky,
or the wisdom of the trees.

i need those now so much.

and it’s right there, ya know?
ya open the door, and there you are.

there is something so awesome cool about that.