one heck of a story. one heck of a woman.

it was late.
i couldn’t sleep.
went out and sat in my living room.
an indoor star hanging by my window
warmed the darkness.

as it slowly changed colors,
i began to read a note –
a piece of a woman’s story.

it was so powerful that when i finished,
i just sat there on my couch,
me and my star.
holding her story.
and her spirit.

i’m not sure how private she wants to keep it all,
and since the point isn’t really about the details,
but more about her spirit, i can leave most of it out.

i do want to at least say that she survived a horrendous
car accident. 21 years ago.
her life completely changed that day.
the pain involved was beyond anything i can comprehend.
and to this day, she lives with chronic nerve, bone and muscle pain.
the losses that happened because of this are also more than
i can comprehend.

here’s the thing tho –
she’s so ready and eager and willing to share joy.
she’s right there to root you on and encourage you.
definitely there to play.
she knows the beauty each day brings and readily embraces it.
she sees the gift in it all.
in the accident, in the journey since then, and in the pain.

it was magnificent to me that i got to read this note
at the end of international women’s day.
here was a woman that lit up the darkness
by living her gift.
by knowing her gift.
by embracing her gift.

i don’t think i have ever used ‘gift’ in quite this way before.
i don’t think i’ve ever so boldly called someone’s horrendous
event in their life their gift before.

somehow…and i think i just am barely grasping this…
she’s showing me it IS her gift.

and it’s kinda haunting to me.
not too long ago someone told me that i had to embrace something
that was really hard for me and hold it as my gift.
i was just lost on how to do that.

and along comes this woman.
showing me.
and i gotta say, she has completely humbled me.
and inspired me.

there were so many thoughts in her note that made me think.
but this is the one that i’m holding today –

” I am one with all that is holy…”

i think that’s way easy to say.
way hard to know.
and live.
and yet she seems to do just that.

so much gets lost in a day like ‘international women’s day.’
we get hung up in causes and issues and words.
and we miss what matters.
it’s easy to lose the depth of the feminine.
this woman handed me what matters.
showed me some of the depths.
depths i hadn’t touched all day.
even tho i was celebrating women.
what a gift to have handed to me that nite.

and i just wanted to share a tiny bit of that with you.

we are one with all this is holy.

will we bold enough to embrace that as the gift that it is?