offering love…

my etsy shop

i wanted to do a special project
this season to offer love.
it’s these!

inexpensive originals with a quote that speaks to me,
each made with intention and love.

okay, truthfully, that’s really all the stuff i make.
i guess this is just a practice in intention for me.
the thing i really need to practice is the photography!
mmmm. sorry about that.
i am off to work on that a bit.

it’s been a whirlwind here,
so i’m just getting this up as best i can now.
i really wanted to post one today.
this quote seemed to resonate with a lot of people.
and i thought it’d be awesome to offer it.
it certainly resonates with my heart.

if you go over and don’t see it,
that just means it sold.
i will try to make them throughout the season
and keep offering them.

what a perfect time of year for this reminder!
come on over if you feel like it!
you can click here to go right to the shop!