it really really is a journey of discovery, isn’t it?!

when i started my ‘new’ life –
i began to search like never before.
‘love’ was the start of it.
wondering what it was and did it even really exist.
and then it went on from there.

seems like with each big concept,
i would get sucked in and everything around me
seemed to be making a statement about whatever
it was i was pondering.

well, that hasn’t stopped.
and lately, on this bend of the road,
it’s ‘health.’
being healthy.

i am swimming in a sea of thoughts on how health
affects everything.

ALL health – body, mind and energy.

and i’m kinda stunned that it’s not one of those basic things
– like reading or math –
that we all are taught and learn as we go along.

i am feeling totally floored and wondering how it is
that i haven’t put this together yet.

it’s so not just physical either.
i just don’t think any one area is more important
than the others. you need all of ’em to be as healthy
as you can get ’em.

so, yeah, okay, great terri.
but what if i’m in a terrible physical place?
and i won’t ever get totally healthy that way?
then what?
i don’t know.
i honestly don’t know.
maybe we just try to get as healthy as we can
with whatever the circumstances.

it’s the same with inner wounds.
what if you’re just oozing inner wounds that are so
big and so deep you aren’t ever gonna totally heal those?

i guess that maybe there’s a balancing act here, huh?
of accepting that and moving as forward as you can at the
same time. of believing that there will be limits, but there
also will be limits you can knock down.

but i think the first thing –
before any of that –
is the understanding of how important health is.

and i feel like someone just turned on the lights
and began to show me…

and wow, i’m amazed at what i see.